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Plaster Ceiling Repairs

Plaster Ceiling Repairs A sagging ceiling is an indication that the ceiling is at risk of falling. It is a hazardous building condition and the ceiling can collapse with no warning. Falling ceilings weigh a lot! Plasterboard is heavy and it will do a lot of damage to the room and cause injuries to people…

When Power Outlets Spark

When a Power outlets spark , It can be normal and not so normal! We take electricity for granted and we also trust that the electrical components in our homes are safe and effective. We can turn on a light  switch and the light almost instantly turns on and we know we can leave a…

Building A Pergola

Building A Pergola

Pergolas have re surged in popularity due to how versatile they are as an outdoor space that is suitable for any backyard and garden setting. A well placed pergola design can give you a stylish way to entertain and enjoy your outdoor space without sacrificing your comfort. There can be some confusion about what is the difference between a pergola…