Soundproofing Your Home

Soundproofing your home is a topic that is becoming more popular.

As homes are built closer together, most new homes have lighter building materials like stud walls with gypsum board.

Noise levels can get loud.

People want to enjoy their homes without causing friction with neighbours due to noise complaints.

Noisy neighbours are the number one reason why people considering soundproofing. 

Reasons Why People Need To Have Soundproofing

  •     Theatre rooms 
  •     Home office
  •     bedrooms of young children
  •     Traffic noise or train track
  •     Under an aircraft flight path
  •     Shift workers
  •     Musicians

A well-soundproofed home will provide a more harmonious lifestyle and increase your home’s value when you want to sell it.

It will also be more energy-efficient to heat and cool.

What Soundproofing Does:

Enjoy your music or movies at any time without disturbing others.

You can work from home without disturbing the family or having general household noise interfering with your work on a conference call or webinar.

Get It Done During The Home Build

The simplest and cost-effective way to soundproof a room is to do it during the construction of your home or extension.

When you build your home or have a renovation done – Make sure you have better soundproofing methods and materials used.

The most common are acoustic plaster, soundproofing and mass elastic vinyl.

Suppose you need a soundproofed area, such as a recording studio. In that case, this will require additional planning as it is the equivalent of building a room within a room.

What is noise?

You need to understand that noise is generated by sound waves, which can be described as energy waves. That sound can be divided into two noise categories: